The Wine Bottle


A while ago most wing bottles looked a like, and people knowing wine were more interested in the taste then instead of the bottle shape.

Later all that changed as more wine companies surfaced and started entering the market. Instead of working on quality they worked on marketing, and with success. The younger generation doesn’t have any clue about a good or bad wine, or even how to drink it. They buy the bottle for the attractiveness, which is a shame. Because when you are learning to drink, but you are learning the wrong kinds of brands your taste will be destroyed before you even started.



When we started out making wine we thought the problem would lie only and solely in producing the wine. Finding the right grapes, starting a business on your own and getting the wine branded. The flavor and taste is the most important, however we were mistaken.

Getting the company running, finding the right personal and having everything, but I mean everything in order is the most important thing. For example, we are now expats and we have to live according certain rules. But as expats, so living and working abroad we need have an insurance. And because we are traveling around Europe, we need an international health insurance because we need to be prepared for everything. Especially when drinking a bit too much wine 😉

The people was also a problem. The first 4 months we needed to find the right people to work for us. But o, my, that was a difficult task to fill. Luckily though in the 4th month everything went smooth and seemed like everything fitted.

White Wine


The power of a good wine, lies of course in the used grapes. Are they fresh, healthy and most importantly clean. The process is second but still highly importance.


White wines are a bit more difficult to make then red wines, as the white wine can turn sour quite easily and then will become the famous: headache wine. A wine that you can drink for not too long. The process went wrong and the grapes used for it has a bad flavor to it, which has a negative effect on your brain.


Some of the famous types of white wines are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion and Moscato.


Our favourite is Moscato.



The shape of a grape can tell a lot about the season it was harvested, but not to the untrained eye. Most people just see a grape, eat it and determine whether it was good or bad.

Professionals among us who have been in the industry long enough can already tell from the feel, the sense, the thickness who the grape will turn out. It’s a magical moment to witness a professional holding the grapes and grading them.

Grapes do come in many shapes and even colors. The most recognizable ones are white and red. Exactly it’s not red, even though people consider saying red grapes, they are deep dark purple. But peeling them and they will have a color more in line of the white grape with sense of dark purple in them.

Many versions are there from very fruitful to extremely bitter ones and everything in between. This will make or break the wine, together with the process and if it’s an honest producer the materials they use.