When we started out making wine we thought the problem would lie only and solely in producing the wine. Finding the right grapes, starting a business on your own and getting the wine branded. The flavor and taste is the most important, however we were mistaken.

Getting the company running, finding the right personal and having everything, but I mean everything in order is the most important thing. For example, we are now expats and we have to live according certain rules. But as expats, so living and working abroad we need have an insurance. And because we are traveling around Europe, we need an international health insurance because we need to be prepared for everything. Especially when drinking a bit too much wine 😉

The people was also a problem. The first 4 months we needed to find the right people to work for us. But o, my, that was a difficult task to fill. Luckily though in the 4th month everything went smooth and seemed like everything fitted.